Is there anything in life that annoys the hell out of you that you think will probably piss me off too? Leave a message in the discussion box below, and if you inspire me I might write about it in a future blog…


  1. 5ft women with point bits of umbrellas at my exact eye-height on crowded streets. Wear a hood.

  2. Phil

    People who swear at their kids in public (and presumably at home even more)
    Cyclists who go through red lights
    People with pull-along suitcases who don’t realise that they have 5 foot of fucking trailer behind them, and then fucking stop to put up the handle on their pull-along suitcases at the top/bottom of the fucking escalator.
    People who drink WKD.
    People who walk along texting without watching where they’re fucking going.
    People who don’t say thanks when you hd open a door, let them through, past, etc.
    People who write emails with text speak.

    I’ll have a think about any others. All power mate!

  3. Rugby lad / Uni “fashion”: Rugby shirt/polo shirt with starched upturned collar (especially with beads), jeans with flip flops, t-shirt with scarf, leather bracelets.

  4. Joe B

    Passengers who lean over and press the horn when i’m driving. Last person who did this to me I patiently said nothing, then when we reached 85 on the motorway I pushed them out of the door.

  5. John Martin

    Supermarket bags that wont open.
    Chocolate covered toffees that shatter you teeth when you try to bite through to the soft centre.
    People, head down, texting as they walk along the street – may the next lamp post be theirs.
    These people who make me disrobe at airport security, and confiscate my wife’s homemade chutney for no good reason.
    Scottish Politicans.

  6. MiddleClassEnnui

    Similar to the handbag queue questions – what about the muppets at airport security spend all their time looking at the ceiling, and only realise they have to put stuff through the bagscanner once they have been asked to go through the bodyscanner – and they always have so much tat!

  7. Cars that indicate left, but swing out to the right a bit before actually turning left…

  8. Phil Bartlett

    Wives who move stuff and put it in a drawer you’ve never opened IN YOUR LIFE and say “you must have put it there” when you find it.
    I admit this is quite a personal one. From this morning.

    • A popular bed-fellow to the phenomenon of a wife moving something from the place where you know it is to a place where you don’t know it is “so it doesn’t get lost”.

  9. “Poor door” – unlatched screen doors that flap in the breeze and bang against porch railings. So named because they tend to occur mainly in crappy neighborhoods.
    People who stop their cars in the middle of the street to have a chat, drop off passengers, or buy/sell drugs when there’s a long expanse of empty curb parking available immediately next to them.

  10. Your post about children being interviewed in the news reminded me of another pet peeve of mine: children who sound like adults when they sing. Really creeps me out. It’s just not right and shouldn’t be allowed (at least not where I’m likely to come across them).

  11. And how about those motion-activated towel dispensers that force you to wave at them like an attention whore before they finally spit out a 4″ strip of paper, which you know won’t be nearly enough, which in turn means you’re going to have to sacrifice your dignity at least once more before you can leave.

  12. Abbreviations in speech! I’m tots enraged by people who eat apps and think things are gorge. It’s just lazy not to commit to uttering an entire word. And don’t get me started on beauty “secrets.” If it’s a secret you should STFU about it already (pardon the abbreviation).

  13. Yesterday I was in a shop queue (I had finished picking everything I wanted to buy because, y’know, that’s how it works.) There was a little girl in front of me, and about 5 more in front. As she gets to the front she shouts ‘mum, we’re next’, and a woman comes round with a handful of other crap to tip in the trolley. Finish then queue people. Finish THEN queue. Ugh. LOVE your blog. x

  14. puffinspace

    People who, when you automatically hold the cafe/shop door open for the person behind you, then stand in the door-open space, talking on their phone/to their friends and leave you hanging there, holding the pissing door for a complete stranger and being ignored but they still stand there anyway, like you’re a door stopper. This happens all the time in London, and it’s definitely a British vs rest of world thing, sorry but it is. So my solution is to let the door go after a few seconds of this rudeness, leaving it to slam onto them, which always produces a satisfying shocked expression on their twattish texting, spatially and socially unaware, unmannerly faces.

  15. Mannah

    Too many acronyms in writing…k.???DUNA for “dont use no acronyms”…yes..believe me.I have unfollowed people who do this…its like a torture for the reader..i am guessing not all of them!I hope i dont need to buy a dictionary of such ridiculous acronyms to keep friends!It used to be kool at one point when it had not become a difficult to decipher language system of the grammatically deficient!

    • EuthaniseAllBrexiteers

      @ Mannah
      Anyone who has used more than one exclamation point in the space of a month has no business commenting on another’s manner of expression.

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