Frequently asked questions

Q: Who are you?

A: No one of any great importance.

Q: I don’t agree with one of your blog entries!

A: That’s not a question. And we all have different outlooks on things in life; try not to let our difference of opinion stress you out. Leave a comment if you think I’m dead wrong – I’ve been known to change my mind in response to a reasoned counter-argument.

Q: Do you have to swear so much in your blogs?

A: This blog is not meant to be read by children, nor would it hold much interest for them. I’d like to think the swearing is limited to the times when particular emphasis needs to be placed on the depth of my ire, like profane confetti sprinkled about the sentiments. If it really offends you, stop reading the fucking thing.

Q: Do you watch Room 101, the popular BBC panel show?

A: Yes, and there may well be some things that were on that show that appear on my blog. Hey, there are things in life that are going to annoy me and British celebrities. It’s co-incidental and I hope that my take on a subject is different enough from Janet Street Porter’s to justify any repetition.

Q: Are there things in this world that you like?

A: Yes, but they’re less entertaining to write about.

Q: How often do you update this blog?

A: It used to be weekly, but as the blog expands I’m finding that fewer things are left in the world that bother me, so monthly is looking more appropriate.

Q: Why did you post an intensely personal and serious blog about your wife’s depression in the middle of your usual humorous drivel?

A: Because people unaffected by mental illness rarely seek out articles about the gravity of depression and I wanted to reach out and speak to people who wouldn’t normally read something like that. And I do really, really hate depression, so it belongs on the list.

Anything else you want to know? Leave a question in the discussion box below.

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