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  1. Paul Cafferkey

    A brilliant piece on living with your wife’s depression. It struck a chord with me as I suffer from depression and it gave me a real insight on how my wife copes.

  2. Nancy Segal

    Obviously, I’m very late to the party (always) but I figure it’s never too late to say thank you. You did a good thing writing this. You’re a talented writer and I’m sure it was shared and read by many. I’d like to share it with others in my efforts to reduce the stigma, educate the public about mental illness and help the families who bear a tremendous burden. I’m strictly a volunteer in this, motivated largely by the fact that I’ve had major depressive disorder my entire life.
    In my marriage I play the part of your wife and my husband sounds a lot like you. And like you, he is a nice person and a wonderful, caring husband. When I go through hell, so does he. It’s just a different kind.
    I’d love to read anything else you may have written on the subject. But I’m also looking forward to reading the rest of “middle class fury.” Great name. Sign me up.

  3. norvenmunky

    We clearly have a similar outlook on a range of sujects, (see link), may I reblog your hand clapping post to Norvenmunky

  4. Hello. A marvelous entry and frighteningly close to my own situation. I’m glad you put that up, thanks. My own screeds are at Thanks again.

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