About this blog

This blog details, in no particular order, a selection of things I hate, with occasionally detailed descriptions and rationale so that no one may be in any doubt why I hate them and, more importantly, why I am absolutely correct to hate them.

‘Hate’ is a strong word. My mum used to tell me off for using it.

“Don’t say ‘hate’,” she’d say. “You don’t ‘hate’ anybody. You just dislike them.”

“But what if I really dislike them?”

“Then you dislike them intensely.”

‘Dislike intensely’ was a common turn of phrase in our household. I now see this draconian familial law as a benign attempt by my mother to eliminate intense ill feeling and foster a spirit of understanding and love in her increasingly cynical child. Of course it backfired terribly.

As I got older and turned into a bit of a smart-ass I began to challenge the rule:

“What about Hitler?” I would offer. “Am I allowed to hate him?”

“Yes, you can hate Hitler.”

“That man on the telly who killed those kids?”

“Yes, I suppose you can hate him.”

“Mr Rice, my history teacher?”

“No. You cannot hate Mr Rice”

By my estimation there wasn’t a wide margin of difference between the three examples. I decided to rebel; I would reclaim this powerful word for my own ends. And I would start by declaring my hatred for arbitrary rules made up by parents and enforced on their offspring because it represented their own view of the world at the expense of stifling their child’s freedom of expression, no matter how negative it may be. Yeah, take that mum!

But you know, in retrospect, maybe she was right to try to curtail my propensity for loathing. Now a fully-grown man, I’ve come to realise that I hate an awful lot of things. I don’t know why so much in this world should elicit in me such negative reactions, although the common denominator in a lot of these entries is ‘people’.

I fucking hate people.

Not all of them. But a lot of them.

Explore the various entries… you’ll see I’m right.


  1. Having read your blog post, one of the first wordpress enteries I happen to have encountered on my first real ‘dedicated WP’ afternoon; I’m not sure if; I just ‘got lucky’ in popping y cherry with somethig of a kinddred spirit or it’s just that my subversiveness is apportioned much more in my favour here. Regardless, parting ways, you sure enhanced my ability to savour both the long drag on my post conclusion Malborough (……? Well, red, of course. Oh, purpleease.) and that rarest of feelings (certainly for those of us that are, erm, well YOU know), the feeling of ‘coming home’.

    Upon reflection, it strikes me a bit of balance might be appropriate, here. We’re not American after all. So……..let it be duly noted: the indulgently protracted immersion in this state of emotional ‘enamourment’, is I am very sure, as fleeting as it is (cigarette) paper thin. POOF! I’m quite sure, any number of your other posts will serve not only to disappoint but may well come to be a neat little ‘package manifest’, a pocket sized reminder of fragile hopes and seemingly inevitabe reality that social media in all its whoredom will ALWAYS be on my ‘Things I Hate/List of Things that are Generally Shite’ list.

    I do fucking hate people.

    Not all of them. But a lot of them.

    I think so many people are potentially, and actually, ‘hateable’, simply because so many have never, nor will ever, experience the effects realising the magnitute of the distastefulness this species of ours exhibits,has as the full naked truth is exposed and explodes within.

  2. storiesbyfrances

    Absolutely NOT hate this. You are brilliant. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y626eTivs60)

    And I so hope you don´t hate this comment.

  3. carrico

    “We’re not American, after all….” You can say that again.
    “We’re not…………………………….” Say it often enough and you might believe it. sdp.

  4. I love hating people. Weird fuckers.

  5. I do NOT hate this. (See what I did there? Your blog is about things that you hate so I…yeah, never mind).

  6. My wife hates people. It got so bad that one day she started hating me. I wish she hadn’t but it’s too late. It started out as a joke. It’s not funny anymore.

  7. Hate is a lovely thing, really. I mean, without hate, where’s love?

    But mostly hate is pretty good by itself.

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