See ya…


It seems almost pointless given how infrequently updated this blog has become, but nonetheless I wanted to say “Goodbye” and thank those of you who have in the past enjoyed my rants and commented and made suggestions and all of that jazz…

As most of you would have gathered, it was all just a bit of light-hearted, sweary fun (although some of the comments suggested a few people were taking some entries a tad too seriously).

I started this blog in more innocent times when it was considered quite fun to be needlessly furious about things that didn’t really matter that much (and, let’s be honest, a few that did). But after the year we’ve had – regardless of struggling to find the time to write –  it struck me that the world could do with a little less flippant anger and a lot more (puts on Austin Powers glasses) love and understanding. Man.

I mean, I could spend pages railing against Trump and Brexit and social media and fake news and all the great people who have died and all the terrible people who are still alive, but what’s the point? An awful lot of people are already doing that, and the discussions they’re provoking are so nasty and mean-spirited that I fear an ironic excess of outrage would be indistinguishable from the very real vitriol being spewed across the interweb.

So farewell (on this medium, any-hoo) and for God’s sake try being a bit nicer to everyone. Because nothing has made me angrier this year than needless fucking aggression!!!!

My slightly mellower persona continues to be represented on Twitter @buckybantam and you can read more of my stuff through my occasional contributions to the magnificent Den of Geek website.

Cheers… Guy x


  1. John Hoggard

    Perhaps you should consider yourself on sabbatical? On the other side of this nutty world we currently exist on/in you will be needed again.

    I’ve enjoyed your blogs and I hope to enjoy them again.

    I also concur that everybody is offended by everything and no blog, comment, tweet or FB post is safe from a vicious shredding…

  2. I’ve also enjoyed your blog. It’s a crazy world and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek outrage doesn’t do any harm. Stay safe, and peace man.

  3. And this is why I will miss your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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