Unduly harsh reader reviews


The problem with the modern online phenomenon of collating a shitload of opinions into a single unifying score is that not every opinion in the world is worth listening to. Most people are idiots, and yet we’re  powerless to prevent their idiotic assessments contaminating the feedback pool. And even the ones that aren’t idiots may have tastes and proclivities rather different to my own, making their opinion on a place, service or piece of entertainment pretty irrelevant. But everyone gets to influence the average score – no matter how arse-clenchingly ridiculous their appraisal.

The biggest blood-boiler when trying to sift through the moronic ramblings of people who assume their opinions matter to me, are the contributors who decide to rant and rave and give an average-decimating score due to something completely petty or irrelevant.

You cannot give a Blu Ray player one star because a courier company messed up its delivery. You cannot give the film Tyrannosaur 1/5 because it didn’t feature any dinosaurs. And you cannot give a restaurant a panning because despite the incredible food and amazing service, the party on a neighbouring table were really loud and obnoxious. Oh hang on… apparently you can. Thanks folks for ruining what might otherwise have been a useful service for everyone.

If it was as easy as simply ignoring the rubbish reviews then it wouldn’t be quite so bad, but I am married to a very sensitive woman who will immediately lose interest in a hotel if she so much as sniffs a one-star review.

“Oh, this person says it’s rubbish, honey,” she’ll say.

“This person is a fucking IDIOT. Everyone else says it’s great,” I’ll retort.

“But there are loads of places rated higher than this one.”

“That’s because its average score has been artificially reduced by a moron who thinks that poor weather is a valid reason for giving a hotel one star.”

“I don’t want to risk it…”

Thanks reader reviewer. Thanks a lot. I’ve replied to the “Was this review helpful?” in the negative. I’m now looking for the “Was this reviewer a complete and utter arse candy?” button.


  1. Reblogged this on Mario Types and commented:
    COMPLETELY agree. I also found this the case on travel sites reviewing accomodation. I found myself often having to click on the reviewer’s link to find out whether their review was actually valid or whether they were being unreasonable. Is there a website where one can review the quality of a reviewer’s reviews?

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