People that ‘tell it how it is’


There are people out there – I’m sure you’ve met them – who take great pride in explaining that they wear their hearts on their sleeve; that they call a spade a spade; that they don’t deal in bullshit, and that they call it how they see it.

I call these people “rude cunts”. For that is what they are.

Lacking tact or the ability to moderate your comments to prevent someone taking offence is not a trait to be celebrated; it merely highlights that you are without the social skills necessary to engage with people in a polite and civil manner.

Such people will invariably preface something incredibly rude with the phrase

“I don’t mean to be rude, but…”

The very fact that something in your so-called brain warned you to the potential of someone taking offense means that you had the opportunity to pull back from whatever offensive garbage is about to come spurting out of your mouth. But you didn’t, did you? And when the appalled person on the receiving end of your insensitivity looks at you all shocked and upset, all you can do is shrug and spout a defiant “take me as I am.”

Actually, I don’t have to take you at all. I don’t mean to be rude, but I wish your mother had acted upon her no doubt pervasive instinct to abort you from her womb so that I, and everyone else in your so-called life that you contaminated with your presence, may have been spared your pitiful attempts at social interaction. Hey, don’t look at me like that – I just tell it how it is…

One comment

  1. Nail on the head with this one. I totally met a person like that my sophomore year of college. I was convinced she hated me because everytime I said something she was rude and sarcastic in response. It turned out she was like that with everyone because (and this is a direct quote from her) “People say I can be mean…….am I mean? or am I just blunt and speak the truth? There is a difference you know. ”
    I don’t really think there is a difference, especially when only she could seem to find one…

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