Perpendicular cash machine queues


Queuing’s great. It’s orderly and polite. It’s fair. I bloody love queuing. You know what I don’t like? Queues that stretch across the entire width of the pavement.

It’s splendid that you’ve all formed an orderly line whilst waiting to get some cash out – really it is – but can you see how you have essentially created a barrier of human beings that prevents pedestrians from, you know, walking down the street? No? That’s because you’re all pricks. Queue down the side of the building for Christ’s sake.


  1. What’s a queue? Is that a line, or what?
    -Derek Zenith, from the States.

  2. It’s amazing that so few people have an awareness of their surroundings or understand simple efficiency of doing things. Like walking off to the side of a sidewalk, instead of down the middle so faster pedestrians can’t pass them on either side. Or getting off the bus – the signs even ask people to exit via the rear doors, so people can enter through the front doors. This is why I prefer to spend my time photographing nature than in crowded malls or streets.

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